Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Scotland (CaCTUS)

CaCTUS, the Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Scotland, is a partnership between the Cancer Research UK Trials Unit in Glasgow and the NHS Cancer Clinical Trials Service in Edinburgh.

CaCTUS is the only registered dedicated cancer trials unit in Scotland. CaCTUS has all the research, statistical, regulatory and administrative expertise necessary to develop a trial from initial idea through to completion.

Consumer input and comment is also key and is integral to the CaCTUS trial development process.

CaCTUS works with clinical investigators throughout the UK to develop high-quality trials with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for cancer patients.

CaCTUS is happy to receive inquiries from investigators from anywhere in the UK with research ideas, even at a very preliminary stage. Contact us via and we will take it from there. Our expert team will discuss your idea and work with you to develop a Concept Submission form for review by the CaCTUS Executive Committee.


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CaCTUS is a partnership between the CRUK Trials Unit, Glasgow and the Cancer Clinical Trials Service, Edinburgh.

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