Working with you to develop your idea

CaCTUS encourages investigators with research ideas to contact us as early as possible in the development process. This ensures that our expertise can be used to best effect.

All research concepts undergo scientific review via a Concept Submission Form which captures the key aspects of the research proposal. We are happy to work with you to complete this form which is then submitted to the CRUK Unit Trials Unit in Glasgow to start the CaCTUS review process.

The review of the concept should take no more than one month, and will involve the CaCTUS Executive Committee and specialist ad-hoc reviewers.

Concepts which have a successful review outcome will then be assigned to one of the CaCTUS partners for further development. If CaCTUS does not currently have capacity to coordinate a proposal with a successful review or does not have the necessary expertise, CaCTUS will work with the study investigator to establish a collaboration with one of the other UKCRC accredited trials units in the UK.

Please find a copy of the Concept Submission Form at our downloads page. The CRUK Trials Unit in Glasgow coordinates the Concept Review Process.


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CaCTUS is a partnership between the CRUK Trials Unit, Glasgow and the Cancer Clinical Trials Service, Edinburgh.

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