The Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Scotland (CaCTUS) was established in 2004 as a virtual cancer trials organization, forming a partnership with extensive complementary expertise in cancer research.

This expertise spans multiple disease sites, multiple treatment modalities, and specialized trials such as those involving translational research, health economics and quality of life studies.

The key partners are the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit in Glasgow, and the NHS Cancer Clinical Trials Service in Edinburgh.

Collaboration with the Scottish Cancer Research Network (SCRN) also brings expertise from researchers involved in many aspects of trial design and conduct.


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CTU Glasgow: mvls-ctu-enquiries@glasgow.ac.uk
Cancer Clinical Trials Service Edinburgh: nss.isdcctt@nhs.net

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About Us

CaCTUS is a partnership between the CRUK Trials Unit, Glasgow and the Cancer Clinical Trials Service, Edinburgh.

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