CaCTUS Management Structure

The structure and organisation of CaCTUS is governed by an Executive Committee. This committee, chaired by the Head of CaCTUS, has representation from the following areas:

  • Director, CRUK Trials Unit, Glasgow (current Head of CaCTUS)
  • Head, Cancer Clinical Trials Team, Cancer Clinical Trials Service Edinburgh
  • Operations Director, CRUK CTU Glasgow
  • Head of Bespoke Specialist Services Business Development, Cancer Clinical Trials Service Edinburgh
  • Head of Biostatistics, CRUK CTU Glasgow
  • Principal Statistician, Cancer Clinical Trials Service Edinburgh
  • Scottish Cancer Research Network Clinical Lead
  • Consumer Representative
  • Independent Trials Expert
  • Representative from Scottish Government Health Directorate

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About Us

CaCTUS is a partnership between the CRUK Trials Unit, Glasgow and the Cancer Clinical Trials Service, Edinburgh.

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